Photo of a humidifier we replaced in North Wales.

Steam Humidifier Replacement

Steam Humidifier Replacement (North Wales)

Steam Humidifier - Hamer Mechanical were asked to quote to replace a Steam Humidifier in North Wales.
The existing unit together with the enclosure were to be removed and a new unit fitted in its place.

Steam Humidifier Assembly

The Dri Steam Steam Humidifier was sent to our workshop so we could assemble the unit into a new external enclosure. We made provision for a rear steam outlet. Water supply, drain and electrical supplies to come in from the bottom. The unit was then taken to site.

The old Steam Humidifier was disconected and services made safe. The unit together with the external cabinet was then moved and taken off site.

We modified the cold water supply to connect into the new unit and replaced the failed water isolation valve.

Electrical supplies were isolated, tested and then carefully removed.

Heat tracing tape was carefully pulled back and connected to the new pipe work.

The existing steam injection lance was not compatible with the new Steam Humidifier.

We carefully dismantled the insulation and AHU and removed the old lance.

A new stainless steel steam dispersion tube was fitted to the AHU. This style of dispersion tube has a condensate drain from the tube, rather than rely on the existing drip pan inside the AHU,

When the new dispersion tube was installed we made good the enclosure and insulation.

The water supply was connected to the new unit in copper pipe and press fittings.

We carefully routed the heat tracing tape to the pipe work so it could be retained under the lagging.

The pipe was lagged in foil faced fiberglass and taped. Awaiting PIB coating by others.

 The existing cold water isolation valve was passing, so we replaced this with a new quarter turn press valve.

A reinforced steam hose was supplied to install onto the Steam Humidifier as the AHU was very short distance from the rear of the Steam Humidifier.

Condensate will easily be managed by the condensate return on the steam dispersion lance.

The steam hose was lagged using Class O foam to assist with retaining the heat and preventing excessive condense being formed. Overall a lagged hose improves on efficiency.

The unit was wired and a new external isolator was fitted to the existing electrical supply.

We traced the humidity sensor and humitity high limit stats that were located on the ducting from the AHU.

The sensors were wired back into the Dri Steam Humidifier.

The unit was turned on and fully comissioned. The humidity set point was entered and the unit put into service over night.

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