Mechanical Services

Hamer Mechanical Services work on a broad range of mechanical equipment.

Bringing together our technical knowledge from our team, we can keep your mechanical plant serviced, well maintained and fully operational.
Based out of Cannock in the West Midlands, gives us nationwide access to the United Kingdom.
Regular preventative maintenance and inspections ensure that your mechanical plant will operate as efficiently as possible with least down time.
On site we can replace service items, refurbish your equipment and carry out modifications to your requirements,
Our workshop facilities allow us to repair and manufacturer replacement parts and carry out larger strip down tasks.

Please Contact Us for further details or to enquire about your project.

Air Handling Units

Hamer Mechanical provide a full range of services for your Air Handling Unit equipment.

  • Service And Maintenance Contracts
  • Filter Change
  • Fan Service
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Controls Check
  • External Control Valves
  • Condense Systems
  • Motor VFD's.


Bag House

We can carry out 6 monthly inspections of your bag house shaker systems.

  • Service & Inspection
  • Controls Checks
  • Bag Assessment
  • Bag Replacement
  • Air Flow Verification
  • Motor & Fan Repairs
  • Seals, Panels, Doors
  • Metalwork Repairs
  • Refurbishment

RO Systems

RO Systems provide clean, mineral free water for a wide range of applications.

  • Service And Maintenance
  • Pre filter changes
  • Membrane changes
  • Pump maintenance
  • System repairs

Water Softener

Water softener's remove calcium and other mineral deposits and provide soft water.

  • Service And Maintenance
  • Valve Repair
  • Resin Changes
  • Brine Tanks