Hamer Mechanical Services are specialist chemical systems and chemical pipe installers.

As a company we have been involved with multiple projects including bulk storage, metering, distribution pipework and point of use applications.

Our number one priority with any form of chemical is safety. Because we are so aware of the dangers associated with the use of chemicals on site, we can design our equipment to be safe and accident free.

If a product is not available or not suited to your needs, we can manufacture, test and install on your site.

Our chemical engineers have many years of experience working with chemical systems on site in a safe, controlled and protected manner.

Bulk storage can be from a simple IBC on a tilt stand with spill tray to a purpose made bulk tank with bund. There are lots of options available including scrubbers, chemical level displays and alarms.

Generally the chemical is pumped from the bulk storage system by a specially selected chemical pump. These can either be dosing for point of use or larger mechanical pumps for higher volume.

A dosing pump can be calibrated for a specific flow rate per minute. Larger mechanical pumps may require a flow meter that is linked to a PLC to control the chemical flow. A PID loop can be created for automatic, precise control. Our Electrical Services team can handle the necessary installation of flow meters and pumps.

The chemical is piped to its point of use through pipe work. As a company we can install various different types, our most common is a pipe in pipe system.

The chemical flows down an inner pipe, with a completely sealed jacket around it. In the event of a leak to the chemical pipe, the leak is completely contained within the jacket. The entire pipe can be then contained inside a steel conduit if required for mechanical protection.

Junction boxes are used prior to point of use and we manufacture these in house to your requirement. The photo shows a single box at the end of a 75m run, before the line connects to the customers equipment.

If a leak occurs in the pipe, spillage works it way through the sealed jacket and into the junction box. A fully automated alarm activates to warn a leak has occurred. A sample tube is attached by a valve to the box, so in multiple junction boxes the chemical can be identified. The boxes are illuminated with LED lighting so that the connections can be easily inspected safely.

Our junction boxes are welded to a high standard and equipped with a gasketed lid which can be removed with the use of tools. We carry out a wide variety of pipework installation.