Welcome To Hamer Mechanical Services Ltd

As a company, we have years of knowledge of working on site designing, installing and fault finding general equipment and process plant.

We specialise in Electrical Work, Chemical Pipework And Pumping, General Pipework and Automation using PLC and HMI.

Over the years, we have worked on literally hundreds of plants around the UK of various sizes carrying out various tasks required. Our employees are extremely knowledgeable and represent themselves and our company, Hamer Mechanical Services Ltd extremely well.

We have an excellent Health & Safety framework which is followed to the book. On reflection this creates a very safe working environment for both 'us and you'. We have plenty of common sense and don't take risks or do stupid things on site.

Fault finding is a speciality of ours and we wont give up and walk away! If you have something that's malfunctioning, breaking down a lot or generally causing you hassle then we will find the root cause and fix it for you. We may need to watch the equipment for a while as you cant fix something you don't understand. Once we have worked out how it should work then it can be fixed.

We can provide references to you from small companies through to large corporate businesses. There are plenty of sites around the UK we can arrange for you to visit, to speak directly to maintenance engineers for whom we support directly. You can physically see the work we have done to give you confidence in us. We thrive on repeat business and customers always come back to Hamer Mechanical Services Ltd for additional works and services.

Our job has never been a nine to five operation. We regularly work out of hours, bank holidays and weekends as we understand for some maintenance and installation tasks, you cant just turn it off.

Hamer Mechanical Services Ltd is a fairly new business founded in 2020. The experience and knowledge of the Directors however stretches back over 30 years in the industry. We have both qualified and trainee engineers who work for us. For the trainees, we mould them to our professional way of thinking so they integrate well into the business model.

We are all extremely friendly and professional and would welcome you to get in touch with us, any day, any time. Please click here to contact us.

Philip Hamer

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